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Colegio Racing Engineering

Striving only for the best.

View our engineering capabilities and passion for building the fastest, lightest, most cost effective Formula SAE race car in the Caribbean.

About Us


Formula SAE is a stepping stone for young professionals to develop their careers by designing, building, testing, and marketing an open wheel race car in which innovative technology drives the soul of the competition. We are part of the collegiate chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus (UPRM). Our purpose is to compete on a biennial basis in the Formula SAE Michigan event hosted during the Spring against 120 universities across the globe. An event this diverse and competitive provides the ingredients for innovation, problem solving skills and creativity to each team and members with the end goal of providing accelerated professional growth.


Our name is Colegio Racing Engineering (CRE), where a group of over 30 students across an array of disciplines aligned together to build the fastest, lightest, most cost-efficient car from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This task can only become a reality thanks to our sponsors who support the growth of the next crop of professionals by aiding us with: event registration, materials and tools, manufacturing processes and travel expenses.


What We Do

Road to Michigan 2023

Here at Colegio Racing Engineering we let our passion and work do the talking. The team's work involves a wide range of activities, including researching and designing the car, sourcing materials and components, building and testing prototypes, and making modifications to improve performance. We are extremely motivated to reach and exceed all our goals, including competing May 2023 in Formula SAE Michigan. 

Our Heritage


Our Goal

We aim to demonstrate our technical and engineering skills, as well as our ability to manage a complex project and work effectively as a team. We are striving to participate in Formula SAE Michigan in May of 2023. The competition is extremely tough, but we believe in our engineering capabilities and aspire to place in the top 20 teams out of more than 120 Universities from across the globe.

Since 1991, the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus, has participated in Formula SAE Competitions under the banner of Colegio Racing Engineering. Colegio Racing Engineering is the fore-runner in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, by being the only one from the region to compete in Formula SAE, until 2004. Even though competition for the local reign arrived, we were already widely recognized as being one of the most innovative in cost-effective construction and problem solving processes. In May 2017, we marked the second highest score in the history of the UPRM, positioning ourselves as the best team in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. While in 2021 we were able to secure a 23 overall position with CC-3. We're excited to see what our future brings with CC-4.


"Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been."

- Albert Einstein

"Como Coco" is a phrase that defines our team. The direct translation is "like a coconut" while our unofficial meaning is "being as good as ever".


our team pillars

Key points when designing our cars:

  • Reliability

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Design to Manufacture

  • Simplicity

  • Light Weight

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